Morocco Holidays From UK

You don't have to fly halfway around the world to Asia or the South Pacific in order to have an exotic holiday experience. Morocco, that most fascinating of countries, lies on the other side of the Mediterranean, just a few miles from southern Europe. British nationals don't require visas for holidays in Morocco either. Read on for all the information on how to arrange your holiday to Morocco from the UK.

Plan Your Holiday to Morocco from the UK

  • City breaks: An exotic city break in Morocco from the UK is totally possible. With a flight that's only 3 and a half hours from London, you can fly to the beautiful, exotic city of Marrakech with its bustling bazaars and magnificent buildings. If you would like to another city, like Rabat, the Kingdom's capital or legendary Casablanca, you can get reasonable flights for these cities too. Flight plus hotel packages for city breaks are offered by many travel agencies. This can give you a refreshing change for a surprisingly affordable price.
  • Flight only: Some tourists adore exploring new countries all by themselves. Like the explorers of olden times, they set out, ready to experience the thrill of discovery. Armed with a list of places to stay, they book a room for the day of their arrival and plan book accommodation along the way. Flight-only travellers are an adventurous group and they enjoy Morocco thoroughly for the delight. It's possible to book a flight from the UK and enjoy a freewheeling holiday, moving around the country.
  • Seaside holidays: For a seaside holiday with a difference, you can certainly try Morocco. Legendary Tangier has nice hotels to offer. There are travel agencies which will happily book your seaside holiday package either beside the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. Beautiful Agadir on the Atlantic is another area well worth visiting for a beach holiday. A reasonably short flight and you are in another world, enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.
  • Trekking/Walking holidays: If beaches are not your thing but you'd like an outdoor holiday, why not try trekking in Morocco? Morocco has a mountainous area where wonderful trekking and walking holidays are totally possible. Mount Toubkal overlooking the Atlas Mountains is a hiker's paradise. The Atlas Mountains offer superb walks. There are travel agencies offering deals on walking and hiking holidays to Morocco. Unless you're a hardcore traveller who likes to book a flight and head to the mountains on your own steam. You can get around by buses and trains as well as by taxis and pedal bike. Morocco offers options for great holidays to travellers so check it out.

Fly to Morocco, Only A Few Hours Away

It's good to travel around the world. But it's also good to know that you don't have to travel too far from home to find fascinating and wonderful places to visit.